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Metra Railroad Crossing
87th St. & Pulaski Hometown, Illinois

This crossing was installed for the Metra Train service in Hoimetown, Illinois. This instersection is unique with the amount of streets that flow into the intersection.

TraCast 2 Concrete Crossing
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Omni Rail was on-site to capture the installation of the TraCast railroad crossing located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Take a look at how the Omni installation crew put together the crossing piece by piece.

Coming Soon                      TraCast 3 Crossing

The OMNI TraCast 3™ grade crossing design is a system of precast concrete modules with a minimum compressive strength of 6000 psi. Elastic fasteners are used to secure the rail to the base of the rail troughs. The module design eliminates the use of ties and ballast.